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Apple iPhone 5S Service in Chennai

We are Professional Apple iPhone 5S Service in Chennai, The experience of our technicians over the years is our pride as they are skilled in handling Apple iPhone 5S. At our iphone service center, our professional technicians are well equipped and experienced in the repair of the iPhone 5S device. Such as cracked broken LCD screen and battery replacement, charging faults, liquid damage. Customer satisfaction is our priority, You get value for money within a reasonable time frame and your device will be as good as new.

Most Repair parts of iPhone 5S:
If you do not see the repair you need below, we are sure that we can help you resolve the problem with a FREE diagnostic!

iPhone 5S Screen Repair

Is your iPhone 5S Screen cracked or broken? We have witnessed situations like this many times. In case you need a quick and reliable solution to replace your screen, you just have to visit Spot Service. We are one of the most reputable iPhone 5S repair service providers in Chennai and we will be glad to help you. Our iPhone 5S screen replacement service is the fastest in Chennai, we offer warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our repairs. Get your iPhone 5S screen replaced by Chennai’s most experienced technicians. Fast turnaround times and affordable pricing.

iPhone 5S Camera Repair

If you have scratched, damaged or cracked camera lens we can replace the glass separately without having to remove the original camera component. Damaged camera glass repair solutions are available for iPhone 5S. lens replacements can be completed within 20 mins. The Camera lens can be replaced by using heat and pressure. Our expert technicians can replace the front and back camera on most iPhone 5S models and functionality should restore to normal.

iPhone 5S Battery Replacement

When your iPhone 5S starts to experience power issues, one of the main causes is a problem with the lithium ion battery. Fortunately, the battery can easily be replaced for iPhone 5S models and normally takes around 15 minutes to install at our Spot Service. If your iPhone 5S has no power, the new battery and be installed externally and tested before removing your existing battery. We are a professional iphone repair store where you can replace your old iPhone 5S battery with a new, quality battery.

iPhone 5S Back Glass Repair

The iPhone 5S now have a glass backing and can be easily broken. Due to the nature of the design, there is a significant amount of work involved to replace the rear. Back glass repairs for iPhone 5S is much much labour intensive than other brands and services can take up to 3 hours to complete. The repair will be done as quickly as possible to get you back on the air without delay. You can also be confident in the knowledge that our network members work hard to keep their prices for iPhone 5S repairs as low as they can possibly be.

iPhone 5S Charging Port Repair

Charing connectors can be easily damaged on iPhone 5S. If you can no longer connect your cable or it charges intermittently, don’t damage your phone further by forcing or wiggling the connector. Bring your iPhone 5S to us and we can assess the issue, you may just need to replace the charging port. Repair times can very between 30mins to 1 hour except for those which require de-soldering and soldering of the charging port. Generally, charging port repair doesn't take long.

iPhone 5S Loudspeaker Repair

Loud Speaker function is not working? If you can no longer play music, hear your ringtone, or your alarm you may need to have it replaced. We repair loud speaker of iphone 5S with quality parts. Walk in our Spot Service repair center at Tambaram, Chennai or send your device to repair loud speaker of iphone 5S. Most of the time we need to replace loud speaker for iphone 5S but our expert hands make sure you get the sound quality as a new iphone 5S. Repair times can vary between 20mins to 3 hours